Questions and Answers

When will my water be delivered?
Your water will be delivered regularly, once a week, according to a weekly schedule workout as to your convenience for Home Consumers. For corporate customers delivery days in a week would depend upon number of bottles ordered

How many water bottles will be delivered?
According your plan you can order from 1 bottle a week going up to any number depending upon your requirements. For corporate customers a minimum of 10 bottles a week can delivered. You can always call us to increase or decrease the number of bottles to be delivered to you. We shall accordingly change your plan for the next order. In case of urgent requirement or delivery on non-schedule days . Delivery can made for nominal extra cost.

Where will the water bottles be left?
Bottles will be delivered to the address provided by you on the scheduled weekly day of supply. In case of your non-availability, please make arrangements for someone to receive your bottles. Normally if bottles are not accepted on the scheduled day then next delivery shall be made on the next scheduled day of the week.
Out of turn deliveries are made at an extra charge of Rs. 10/- per bottle.
Please ensure to return all empty bottles to our delivery person to keep your account updated.

How do I my water needs?
The best and most convenient way to keep in touch is to call our customer care centre @ 9971100022

Can I change my delivery day?
In order to provide the exceptional service you expect, our delivery system is set up to serve specific geographic areas on certain days. Please discuss special delivery needs with your route sales representative.

When is my payment due?
Payment is due on the first day of four weekly (month) supply cycle. At the end of four weeks you may continue the same plan or change it by making payment as advice by our customer care executive. You can always call us to check your account balance.

Empty Bottle Disposal?
All bottles are the property of M/s M.K. Peacock Mineral Water Private Limited.
Please ensure to return all empty bottles to our delivery person to keep your account updated. Broken or lost bottles shall be charged @ 200 per bottle.