Bottling Process

MOUNT KAILASH® bottling facility is situated in a pristine location free from urban pollution in an area where farming activities have never been carried out being a hilly area. Because of no use of fertilizers, there is no trace of pesticides in ground water. The water is being drawn from deep and protected bore wells, which are more than two hundred feet deep below the earth surface. These water sources are tested hydro-geologically and geologically regularly so as to make sure the quality of our water remains extremely high.

Towards this effect one more virtue is added while our empty bottles get blown up. The compressed air which blows up the bottle is produced by oil free high-pressure compressors. This air is completely free from oil content & hence transmit no oil particles to the bottles. Thus the water, which the bottle contains, is completely hygienic. The water that you drink is not only of the highest purity, but it also packaged in high quality food grade PET bottles manufactured to the highest quality standards.