About Us

Dear Customers,

MOUNT KAILASH® is a premium brand of Packaged Drinking Water brand, extensively endorsed by consumers for over a decade. We are a highly popular name in Northern India as also known to consumers in other parts of the country.

Nature adds a unique feature to the quality of our product. The raw water utilized to produce MOUNT KAIALASH is gently extracted from a source situated in a hilly and uninhabited region, where no farming or human activity has taken place historically. This renders the ground water absolutely fertilizer and pesticide free, as well as untainted by any other kind of contaminants.

This is the natural reason for the great taste of our product. The product is now enjoyed by an increasing number of discerning consumers who value their health and are aware of the benefits of pure drinking water.

The Company is duly licensed by the Bureau of Indian Standards, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, and Government of India. We are also registered with the National Small Industries Corporation Limited (NSIC). Moreover, The Company is duly certified for HACCP and ISO: 9001:2008.

Since inception, The Company has been taking complete care of our valuable customers. Consequently there has been a tremendous rise in the number of our customers. The Corporate sector is a bulk user of MOUNT KAILASH. A large number of Air and Train Passengers quench their thirst with MOUNT KAILASH® while they are travelling to any nook and corner of India. We have been the prominent supplier to Northern Railways through IRCTC authorized caterers for the last five years.

The Company regularly sends its product to reputed National Laboratories and Testing Houses to maintain the highest standards of process and product quality, that have come to be associated with the brand.

Mount Kailash® has been providing customers throughout Delhi/NCR with quality drinking water products and exceptional customer service since the last 15 years. Today, as an accepted and reputed brand of packaged drinking water in North India, Mount Kailash® enjoys the trust and patronage of millions of customers in and around Delhi.

Why Bottled Water
The consumer today has an array of choices when it comes to choosing her preferred brand of purified water. Consumers even have a choice of purifying water in their own homes through various technological solutions available. Various RO systems on offer in the market today, claim to provide water solutions to the consumer

It is an unpublicized fact that ordinary RO systems do not serve honest purpose since they remove the essential good mineral content of the water being treated. The consumer therefore gets short changed again, despite spending a good amount of money.

In such a scenario the consumer then has to turn to the various bottled and branded water companies that abound around us.

Why Mount Kailash ®?
Unfortunately the market also has offers from vendors who are not wholly reliable when it comes to supply and quality. Unsuspecting and trustful consumers very often get less than they deserve from vendors not verified. Many of these so called trusted brands or economy brands are only purveyors of untreated or undertreated raw water, in default of proper guidelines.

In such a scenario. MOUNT KAILASH® takes away the need to look around for a dependable and quality source of supply of purified drinking water.

Why Mount Kailash ®Direct?
DIRECT from MOUNT KAILASH® now simplifies your life by ensuring prompt and dependable supply of your favourite clean, crisp and deliciously pure drinking water at your doorstep, be it your home or your office.

Even in the peak of summer, when temperatures routinely cross 45 degrees centigrade, your reliable delivery man from MOUNT KAILASH® ensures that you never feel thirsty. When most other water sources are not available and your neighbourhood water vendor plays truant, you can still be assured that your DIRECT supply will be on time, with the same high quality of water that you love so much.