About Water

Water is the most basic and most necessary of human needs. Not just for good health, but for just living, we all need pure water to drink. In today s times, rising pace of life and the contamination of environment that we see around us… it becomes all the more imperative that we ensure purity in the water we consume.

Water is incredibly important to the human body. The average adult human body is 55-60% water. A baby’s body is closer to 75% Two crucial organs in the body, the brain and the lungs, are 70% and 90% water respectively. For this reason, the quality of the water you drink greatly impacts your overall health.

Modern society has degraded the quality of the water around us due to our poor environmental habits. This has led us to a point where high quality drinking water can be difficult to find. While the argument is made that tap water is amongst the best water available to us, a series of testing for the ingredients in our tap water would tell almost anyone that it is certainly not of high quality.

Recent analyses of municipal drinking water have shown that, despite government regulations, there are still many dangerous contaminants present in our water. There are many chemicals that are not regulated and there is no legal specifications to restrict what amount of certain chemicals can be in the water. This means that certain chemicals can be found in any given amount.

Lead and other heavy metals can make their way into our tap water as a result of the corrosion of pipes in our plumbing systems. Lead consumption has been linked to severe developmental delays and learning disorders in children. Aluminum and other heavy metals have been linked to nerve, brain and kidney damage.

The two third of our body mass is water. It aids in our body's absorption of nutrients, blood circulation discharge of waste and toxins and much more. Water is vital because it also provides essential minerals, which our body needs to function properly.